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Exam Name: Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I (SU18)
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A developer creates a method in an Apex class and needs to ensure that errors are handled properly.What would the developer use? (There are three correct answers.)

  • A. ApexPages.addErrorMessage()
  • B. A custom exception
  • C. .addError()
  • D. Database.handleException()
  • E. A try/catch construct

Answer: BCE

When loading data into an operation, what can a developer do to match records to update existing records? (Choose 2)

  • A. Match an auto-generated Number field to a column in the imported file.
  • B. Match an external Id Text field to a column in the imported file.
  • C. Match the Name field to a column in the imported file.
  • D. Match the Id field to a column in the imported fil

Answer: BD

A developer is creating an application to track engines and their parts. An individual part can be used in different types of engines.What data model should be used to track the data and to prevent orphan records?

  • A. Create a junction object to relate many engines to many parts through a master-detail relationship
  • B. Create a lookup relationship to represent how each part relates to the parent engine object.
  • C. Create a master-detail relationship to represent the one-to-many model of engines to parts.
  • D. Create a junction object to relate many engines to many parts through a lookup relationship

Answer: A

Developer needs to automatically populate the Reports To field in a Contact record based on the values of the related Account and Department fields in the Contact record. Which type of trigger would the developer create? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Before update
  • B. After insert
  • C. Before insert
  • D. After update

Answer: AC

Which Apex collection is used to ensure that all values are unique?

  • A. A Set
  • B. An Enum
  • C. A List
  • D. An sObject

Answer: A

What is the result when a Visualforce page calls an Apex controller, which calls another Apex class, which then results in hitting a governor limit?

  • A. Any changes up to the error are saved.
  • B. Any changes up to the error are rolled back.
  • C. All changes before a savepoint are saved.
  • D. All changes are saved in the first Apex clas

Answer: B

Where can the custom roll-up summary fields be created using Standard Object relationships (Choose 3)

  • A. On Opportunity using Opportunity Product records.
  • B. On Account using Case records.
  • C. On Quote using Order records.
  • D. On Campaign using Campaign Member records.
  • E. On Account using Opportunity record

Answer: ADE

A developer needs to create records for the object Property c. The developer creates the following code block:List propertiesToCreate = helperClass.createProperties();try { // line 3 } catch (Exception exp ) { //exception
handling }Which line of code would the developer insert at line 3 to ensure that at least some records are created, even if a few records have errors and fail to be created?

  • A. Database.insert(propertiesToCreate, false);
  • B. insert propertiesToCreate;
  • C. Database.insert(propertiesToCreate, System.ALLOW_PARTIAL);
  • D. Database.insert(propertiesToCreate);

Answer: A

A developer creates a custom controller and custom Visualforce page by using the following code block:public class myController {public String myString;public String getMyString() {return 'getmyString';}public String getStringMethod1() {return myString;}public String getStringMethod2() {if (myString == null)myString = 'Method2';return myString;}}{!myString}, {!StringMethod1}, {!StringMethod2}, {!myString}What does the user see when accessing the custom page?

  • A. GetMyString , , Method2 , getMystring
  • B. , , Method2 , getMyString
  • C. , , Method2,
  • D. GetMyString , , ,

Answer: A

A candidate may apply to multiple jobs at the company Universal Containers by submitting a single application per job posting, that application cannot be modified to be resubmitted to a different job posting.What can the administrator do to associate an application with each job posting in the schema for the organization?

  • A. Create a lookup relationship on both objects to a junction object called Job Posting Applications.
  • B. Create a master-detail relationship in the Job Postings custom object to the Applications custom object.
  • C. Create a master-detail relationship in the Application custom object to the Job Postings custom object.
  • D. Create a lookup relationship in the Applications custom object to the Job Postings custom objec

Answer: C

A developer creates an Apex helper class to handle complex trigger logic. How can the helper class warn users when the trigger exceeds DML governor limits?

  • A. By using PageReference.setRedirect() to redirect the user to a custom Visualforce page before the number of DML statements is exceeded.
  • B. By using Messaging.sendEmail() to continue toe transaction and send an alert to the user after the number of DML statements is exceeded.
  • C. By using AmexMessage.Messages() to display an error message after the number of DML statements is exceeded.
  • D. By using Limits.getDMLRows() and then displaying an error message before the number of DML statements is exceeded.

Answer: D

Which actions can a developer perform using the Schema Builder?Choose 2 answers

  • A. Create a custom field and automatically add it to an existing page layout.
  • B. Create a view containing only standard and system objects.
  • C. Create a custom object and define a lookup relationship on that object
  • D. Create a view of objects and relationships without fields

Answer: BC

Which three tools can deploy metadata to production? (Choose three.)

  • A. Change Set from Developer Org
  • B. IDE
  • C. Data Loader
  • D. Change Set from Sandbox
  • E. Metadata API

Answer: ADE

A developer created a lightning component name accountList.cmp that display a list of Accounts. Client-side logic that is executed when a user hovers over an account in the list should be stored in which bundle member?

  • A. AccountListHelper.js
  • B. AccountListRenderer.js
  • C. AccountList.renderer
  • D. AccountList.helper

Answer: C

The initial value for a number field on a record is 1. A user updated the value of the number field to 10. This action invokes a workflow field update, which changes the value of the number field to 11. After the workflow field update, an update trigger fires.What is the value of the number field of the object that is obtained from Trigger.old?

  • A. Null
  • B. 11
  • C. 1
  • D. 10

Answer: C

What is the minimum log level needed to see user-generated debug statements?

  • A. DEBUG
  • B. FINE
  • C. INFO
  • D. WARN

Answer: A

In a single record, a user selects multiple values from a multi-select picklist. How are the selected values represented in Apex?

  • A. As a List<String> with each value as an element in the list
  • B. As a String with each value separated by a comma
  • C. As a String with each value separated by a semicolon
  • D. As a Set<String> with each value as an element in the set

Answer: C

What features are available when writing apex test classes?(Choose 2 Answers)

  • A. The ability to select error types to ignore in the developer console.
  • B. The ability to write assertions to test after a @future method.
  • C. The ability to set and modify the CreatedDate field in apex tests.
  • D. The ability to set breakpoints to freeze the execution at a given point.
  • E. The ability to select testing data using csv files stored in the syste

Answer: CE

What is a correct pattern to follow when programming in Apex on a Multi-tenant platform?

  • A. Apex code is created in a separate environment from schema to reduce deployment errors.
  • B. DML is performed on one record at a time to avoid possible data concurrency issues.
  • C. Queries select the fewest fields and records possible to avoid exceeding governor limits.
  • D. Apex classes use the ''with sharing" keyword to prevent access from other server tenant

Answer: C

In an organization that has enabled multiple currencies, a developer needs to aggregate the sum of the Estimated_value c currency field from the CampaignMember object using a roll-up summary field called Total_estimated_value c on Campaign.

  • A. The values in Campaignmember.Estimated_value c are converted into the currency of the Campaign record and the sum is displayed using the currency on the Campaign record.
  • B. The values in CampaignMember.Estimated_value c are converted into the currency on the majority of the CampaignMember records and the sum is displayed using that currency.
  • C. The values in CampaignMember.Estimated_value c are summed up and the resulting Total_estimated_value c field is displayed as a numeric field on the Campaign record.
  • D. The values In CampaignMember.Estimated_value c are converted into the currency of the current user, and the sum is displayed using the currency on the Campaign record.

Answer: A

What is the value of x after the code segment executes?
String x = 'A';Integer i = 10;if ( i < 15 ) {i = 15;x = 'B';} else if ( i < 20 ) {x = 'C';} else {x = 'D'; }

  • A. D
  • B. A
  • C. B
  • D. C

Answer: C

Where would a developer build a managed package?

  • A. Developer Sandbox
  • B. Unlimited Edition
  • C. Partial Copy Sandbox
  • D. Developer Edition

Answer: D

How would a developer determine if a CustomObject c record has been manually shared with the current user in Apex?

  • A. By querying the role hierarchy.
  • B. By calling the isShared() method for the record.
  • C. By querying CustomObject Share.
  • D. By calling the profile settings of the current use

Answer: C

While writing a test class that covers an OpportunityLineItem trigger, a Developer is unable to create a standard PriceBook since one already exists in the org.
How should the Developer overcome this problem?

  • A. Use Test.getStandardPricebookId() to get the standard PriceBook ID.
  • B. Use @IsTest(SeeAllData=true) and delete the existing standard PriceBook.
  • C. Use Test.loadData() and a Static Resource to load a standard Pricebook.
  • D. Use @TestVisible to allow the test method to see the standard PriceBoo

Answer: A

What is a capability of the IDE? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Roll back deployments.
  • B. Run Apex tests.
  • C. Download debug logs.
  • D. Edit metadata component

Answer: BD

How can a developer set up a debug log on a specific user?

  • A. It is not possible to setup debug logs for users other than yourself.
  • B. Ask the user for access to their account credentials, log in as the user and debug the issue.
  • C. Create Apex code that logs code actions into a custom object.
  • D. Set up a trace flag for the user, and define a logging level and time period for the trac

Answer: D

What is an accurate constructor for a custom controller named "MyController"?

  • A. public MyController () { account = new Account () ; }
  • B. public MyController (sObject obj) { account = (Account) obj; }
  • C. public MyController (List objects) { accounts = (List ) objects; }
  • D. public MyController (ApexPages.StandardController stdController) { account = (Account) stdController.getRecord(); }

Answer: A

Which two strategies should a developer use to avoid hitting governor limits when developing in a multi-tenant environment? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use collections to store all fields from a related object and not just minimally required fields.
  • B. Use methods from the “Limits” class to monitor governor limits.
  • C. Use SOQL for loops to iterate data retrieved from queries that return a high number of rows.
  • D. Use variables within Apex classes to store large amounts of dat

Answer: BC


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