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A new server is connected to the fibre channel switch. In order to allow the server to see its allocated
storage on the storage array, the administrator must configure the server’s WWNN as a member. The server administrator is configuring which of the following?

  • A. Zoning
  • B. LUN masking
  • C. Supernetting
  • D. VLAN tagging

Answer: A

A host with 30 VMs has 64GB of RAM, four quad-core CPUs, four 1-gigabit NICs and is connected to a NAS that provides NFS volumes. The hosted VMs are reporting slow performance. From the information given, which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the slow performance?

  • A. Insufficient NAS capacity
  • B. The server is using 110V instead of 220V
  • C. One hard drive has failed in the RAID 5
  • D. Insufficient network capacity

Answer: D

A private cloud customer is considering using the public cloud to accommodate the peak utilization
workload. Which of the following would be considered the ideal scaling solution?

  • A. Cloud bursting
  • B. Load balancing
  • C. Horizontal scaling
  • D. Vertical scaling

Answer: A

A cloud administrator works for an online gaming company that is hosting its multiplayer servers in a
public IaaS cloud. The following metrics are reported during a controlled beta test: RAM usage80%
Bandwidth usage50% Average ping800ms
The beta test shows poor performance for gamers. Which of the following should the cloud administrator implement FIRST to improve the gamers’ experience?

  • A. Scale the deployment of multiplayer servers by doubling the number of VMs.
  • B. Increase network bandwidth on the multiplayer servers.
  • C. Increase the RAM on the multiplayer servers.
  • D. Deploy multiplayer servers in public cloud locations closer to the user base.

Answer: B

Performance on a new private cloud deployment is not meeting expectations. An engineer has
determined the virtualization host is experiencing high ready/wait times. VMs with the following configurations and metrics currently reside on the host:
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Which of the following troubleshooting choices would MOST likely be used to bring the high ready/wait times to meet the expected baseline?

  • A. Decrease the CPU count for VM1.
  • B. Increase the memory size for VM2.
  • C. Decrease the memory size for VM3.
  • D. Increase the CPU count for VM4.

Answer: B

Which of the following should be implemented to ensure email continuity is not disrupted if one of multiple datacenters experiences an outage?

  • A. Geo-clustering
  • B. Offsite backup
  • C. Local load balancing
  • D. Multipathing

Answer: D

Which of the following techniques would be used to deliver SLA performance guarantees for a VM in a virtual environment? (Select two.)

  • A. Licensing
  • B. Mirroring
  • C. Resource pooling
  • D. Memory ballooning
  • E. Reservations

Answer: BC

An administrator is deploying a new application platform with the following resource utilization:
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Company policy requires that no resource utilization surpasses 80%. Which of the following resources will need to be upgraded prior to deployment?

  • A. Disk
  • B. IOPS
  • C. CPU
  • D. Network
  • E. RAM

Answer: A

When working with hypervisors configured in a highly available configuration that provides fail-over
capabilities to virtualized servers and applications, which of the following requirements is commonly overlooked?

  • A. Correct storage allocation
  • B. Correct CPU allocation
  • C. Correct memory allocation
  • D. Correct licensing allocation

Answer: D

A company upgraded a hosted vulnerability scanner to the latest version, and now tickets are not
being created to assign critical vulnerabilities. After confirming the ticketing issue, all the scanning services are confirmed to be running on the VM. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause and best method to fix the issue?

  • A. There was an IP change to the V
  • B. Make changes to the server properties.
  • C. The upgrade has a bug Reboot the server and attempt the upgrade again.
  • D. The vulnerability scanner is on a different subne
  • E. Open the ports, and it will reconnect.
  • F. There is an application compatibility issu
  • G. Roll back to the previous working backup.

Answer: D

A business is planning to migrate from a private cloud to a public cloud. To document business
continuity, which of the following should be done FIRST?

  • A. Develop a disaster recovery plan with partners/third parties.
  • B. Define the set of application-based SLAs.
  • C. Identify HA technology to provide failover.
  • D. Define the scope of requirements.

Answer: B

The following three hosts are being put into a virtualization cluster for a new project initiative:
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As more VMs are deployed to the cluster, which of the following virtualization technologies is MOST
likely to report an error with this configuration?

  • A. High availability
  • B. Ballooning
  • C. Memory overcommitment
  • D. Hyperthreading

Answer: B

Which of the following are benefits of virtualization in a cloud environment? (Select two.)

  • A. Application virtualization
  • B. Presentation Virtualization
  • C. Rapid deployment
  • D. Server virtualization
  • E. Reduce number of physical servers

Answer: AE

A technician receives a report of system utilization:
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Which of the following additional resources should the technician add FIRST given the trend data shown above?

  • A. CPU
  • B. Disk
  • C. Bandwidth
  • D. RAM

Answer: B

A company has an SLA of 15ms for storage latency.
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Given the above metrics, which of the following is the MOST appropriate change to the environment?

  • A. Add computing nodes and data nodes on the storage side.
  • B. Add more storage shelves to the current array.
  • C. Enable compression on the storage side.
  • D. Enable deduplication on the storage side.

Answer: C

А cloud administrator uses a script to automatically restart all the servers running in the public cloud
provider environment, which hosts e-commerce applications. The administrator decides to implement the same script for a similar environment that hosts the finance applications. After verifying the script is deployed to the public cloud environment for finance, the administrator schedules a job to run at 9:00 a.m. After 9:00 a.m., the administrator receives a report from the e- commerce team that the application is experiencing outages. Which of the following should the administrator do to resolve the issue?

  • A. Update the version of the CLI tool for the public cloud provider.
  • B. Copy the script up to a bastion host in the environment and run it from there.
  • C. Validate the access credentials for the cloud provider are correct.
  • D. Debug the script and modify it to remove the flawed logic.

Answer: C

An administrator is tasked with encrypting all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within a cloud- based database. Which of the following types of encryption will ensure that ONLY this type of information is encrypted while the rest of the database remains unencrypted?

  • A. File and folder encryption
  • B. Transport encryption
  • C. Hard drive encryption
  • D. Table encryption

Answer: D

Which of the following can be used to assign priority to specific network traffic?

  • A. Load balancing
  • B. QoS
  • C. NIC teaming
  • D. Jumbo frames

Answer: B

Two VMs are in the same subnet 10.120.10.x/24, but the VMs cannot communicate with each other.
Which of the following could be causing this problem?

  • A. Private IP addresses are not routable
  • B. Incorrect VLAN tagging
  • C. Incorrect subnetting
  • D. Incorrect firewall configuration

Answer: D

Which of the following will use ICMP to successively check hops between the source and destination?

  • A. traceroute
  • B. netstat
  • C. dig
  • D. route

Answer: A

An administrator needs to test that a service is responding to external requests. Which of the
following tools can be used to accomplish this task?

  • A. ping
  • B. tracert/traceroute
  • C. telnet
  • D. ipconfig/ifconfig

Answer: B

A company hosts its server in a public IaaS cloud. The company’s management decides to migrate the servers to a different geographical region that is closer to the user base. A cloud administrator creates a new environment in that geographical region. Which of the following is the BEST way to migrate the VM from the original geographic region to the new region?

  • A. 1. Create a full backup of the VM.2. Copy the backup files into the new region using FTP.3. Restore the VM from the backup files.
  • B. 1. Create a VM image.2. Export the VM image to the new region using vendor’s tools.3. Deploy a new VM based on the created image.
  • C. 1. Create a VM clone.2. Copy the clone into the new region using FTP.3. Apply the network and security groups from the new region to the cloned VM and start it.
  • D. 1. Create a new VM in the new region.2. Restore a full-system backup from the original VM.3. Apply the network and security groups from the original region to the new VM.

Answer: D

In an IaaS environment, the security team issues a new signature file to prevent specific malware threats from infiltrating the company network. Which of the following describes where the security team should deploy the updated signatures?

  • A. IDS
  • B. Spam filter
  • C. WAF
  • D. NIPS
  • E. HIPS

Answer: C

Which of the following utilities would BEST help diagnose NAS mount points?

  • A. route
  • B. ping
  • C. ifconfig
  • D. nfsstat

Answer: C

A company is implementing a private cloud infrastructure and is testing its high availability components. In a planned outage test, all systems will be shut down sequentially. Which of the following would be the LAST area to shut down?

  • A. Offsite mirror
  • B. Networking
  • C. Hypervisors
  • D. Storage

Answer: C

A company that provides cloud-based storage services allows user authentication using third-party
social network credentials. Which of the following should be implemented to accomplish this task?

  • A. Multifactor authentication
  • B. Virtual private network
  • C. Federation
  • D. Domain trusts

Answer: A


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