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Free demo questions for HP HPE0-S54 Exam Dumps Below:

A customer operates a High Performance Cluster (HPC) environment and wants to innovate and maximize GPU processing. Which solution should the customer use for scaling-out?

  • A. Apollo
  • B. ProLiant DL servers
  • C. Synergy
  • D. ProLiant c-Class

Answer: A

A customer needs a VDI solution. The amount of compute per U of rack space will be a key point in their solution selection.
Which HPE product would be an ideal solution as part of your RFP response?

  • A. HPE Apollo 4510 Gen10
  • B. HPE Apollo 4200 Gen9
  • C. HPE SY480 Gen10
  • D. HPE DL580 Gen10

Answer: A

While installing a three frame Synergy solution, only two of the frames are identified during the discovery process.
What should you do to get resolution?

  • A. Remove and re-insert the standby Composer
  • B. Issue a refresh command to the enclosure
  • C. Open the front panel of the Composer, and read the error message
  • D. Validate Frame Link Module topology

Answer: D

A customer has adopted the RESTful API standard for managing an HPE server’s infrastructure. They need to have a single location to monitor all Synergy and BladeSystem resources.
Which HPE solution accomplishes this task?

  • A. HPE Systems Insight Manager
  • B. HPE Intelligent Provisioning
  • C. HPE Global Dashboard
  • D. HPE OneView

Answer: C

While preparing to implement a Synergy solution, you notice the uplinks are all rated at 10Gb/s and consume four of the HPE Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Module ports. They want to maximize free ports for future growth.
Which change would improve the design and increase customer satisfaction?

  • A. Use a QSFP+ transceiver and AOC in place of the SFP+ DAC cables.
  • B. Use a QSFP+ AOC, and remove the SFP+ DAC cables and QSFP+ to SFP+ adapters.
  • C. Use a QSFP+ DAC splitter cable, and remove the SFP+ DAC cables and QSFP+ to SFP+ adapters.
  • D. Use a MPO to Quad LC splitter cable in place of the SFP+ DAC cables.

Answer: C

A customer needs to boot from PXE with IPv6 across the Gen10 servers. Which option must be enabled to use this feature?

  • A. UEFI Boot with IPv6 enabled
  • B. Legacy One-Time boot menu
  • C. UEFI Secure Boot
  • D. HPE Intelligent Provisioning with IPv6 DHCP

Answer: A

A customer has a ProLiant DL based Gen10 server solution hosting an I/O intensive 2TB database. The customer needs to dramatically increase the performance of their existing system.
Which solution will provide the maximum performance possible for their application?

  • A. Install HPE Scalable Persistent Memory
  • B. Move the OS to an M.2 SSD drive
  • C. Upgrade the current processor to a Xeon-Platinum
  • D. Install DD4 Smart Memory

Answer: A

A customer is designing an infrastructure and plans to host multiple tenants in the environment. The customer needs several thousand network segments to be used on a single physical network.
Which solution should the customer use?

  • A. Remote Direct Memory Access
  • B. Virtual Connect FlexFabric
  • C. Overlay networks
  • D. Data Center Bridging

Answer: C

Your customer is building out their own object-based storage solution. They initially developed the object store using DL380 Gen9 servers but are now looking for a solution that is purpose built to provide the additional storage.
Which solution should you recommend?

  • A. DL580 Gen10
  • B. Apollo 4510 Gen10
  • C. ML350 Gen10
  • D. DL560 Gen10

Answer: B

A customer has a two frame Synergy setup with two Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 modules and two 20Gb Interconnect Link Module interconnect modules. The customer needs to expand into a third frame.
Which interconnect modules should be used to extend the logical enclosure?

  • A. 2 x 20Gb Interconnect Link Modules
  • B. 1 x Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Interconnect Link Modules and 1 x 20Gb Interconnect Link Modules
  • C. 2 x Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Interconnect Link Modules
  • D. 4 x Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Interconnect Link Modules

Answer: A

You have a customer who has thousands of ProLiant servers spanning Gen8, Gen9, and Gen10 across multiple server models (Rack, Tower, Blade, Apollo), all licensed with iLO Advanced. The customer needs an effective way to inventory and update the firmware across the environment.
Which tool should you recommend?

  • A. iLO Amplifier Pack
  • B. OneView
  • C. Intelligent Provisioning
  • D. SUM (System Update Manager)

Answer: A

A customer has a traditional physical server environment and would like to run an on-site proof of concept (PoC) to evaluate OneView’s ability to manage their ProLiant DL380’s and their c7000 blades. What does the customer need to implement this PoC?

  • A. Synergy composer
  • B. iLO Amplifier Pack
  • C. a supported hypervisor
  • D. Synergy Image Streamer

Answer: B

A customer needs to update the system bios on their DL380 Gen10. They are unable to download the latest Service Pack for ProLiant.
What is the most likely cause of the problem?

  • A. Embedded remote support is not enabled on that server
  • B. There is no valid SAID contract associated with their HPE passport
  • C. The maximum number of servers supported by the agreement has been exceeded
  • D. An iLO5 Advanced Premium Security Edition license has not been installed

Answer: B

A retail customer’s real-time analytics application requires the fastest possible data access and over 768GB of database capacity. Their current HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 servers are not meeting the performance requirements.
What should you recommend? (Choose two.)

  • A. iLO5 Advanced licenses
  • B. HPE Scalable Persistent Memory
  • C. HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 servers
  • D. PCle Workload Accelerator

Answer: CD

A customer is considering installing a Synergy frame in an existing rack where their c7000 chassis is currently installed.
Which question should you ask to ensure the new frame will be supported in the rack?

  • A. Are there any third party servers installed?
  • B. How deep is the existing rack?
  • C. Is there a UPS installed in the rack?
  • D. How wide is the existing rack?

Answer: B

A customer has c7000 enclosures with Virtual Connect 20/40 F8 interconnect modules providing Ethernet and Fibre Channel connectivity. They are starting a proof of concept (PoC) to evaluate using a Synergy with the HPE Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 interconnect module as the next generation infrastructure.
Which additional component is required to enable the proof of concept solution to match the connectivity functionality of the current solution?

  • A. Image Streamer
  • B. a Fibre Channel license
  • C. OneView Advanced
  • D. iLO Advanced Premium Security

Answer: B

You want to form a Synergy management ring. Which component is required?

  • A. HPE Synergy Image Streamer
  • B. HPE Synergy Frame Link Module
  • C. HPE Synergy Composer
  • D. HPE Synergy 10 Gb Interconnect Link Module

Answer: B

A customer purchased HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers. The customer is transitioning from a physical to a virtual environment.
Which feature should be enabled to ensure that they get the optimal performance from their new servers?

  • A. UEFI optimized boot
  • B. Integration with an HPE OneView for VMware vCenter
  • C. Performance optimization using the workload profiles
  • D. OneView OS Build Plan

Answer: C

A customer is looking to add StoreVirtual VSA to their HPE Synergy environment. Which questions should you ask to ensure success?

  • A. Is there adequate rack space for expansion?
  • B. Which servers are currently being utilized?
  • C. Is fiber channel or iSCSI being utilized?
  • D. Which applications are running?

Answer: D

Match each HPE technology solution to the customer’s business need that it can fulfill.
HPE0-S54 dumps exhibit

  • A. Mastered
  • B. Not Mastered

Answer: A

HPE ConvergedSystems 500 – Mission Critical workloads
HPE D2220sb Storage Blade – Dedicated storage with a one-to-one server-to-storage ratio
HPE SB3000c Tape Blade – One button Disaster Recovery
HPE SimpliVity – High Availability & Disaster Recovery

A customer wants to use the automated zoning feature of HPE OneView. A customer complains that this functionality does not work, even if 3PAR and CPGs are added to HPE OneView.
Which other steps must be performed before automated zoning can be used? (Choose two.)

  • A. Enable Data Center Bridging functionality on VC modules
  • B. Apply extended FC licenses to Virtual Connect downlink ports using HPE OneView
  • C. Activate WBEM Providers on supported 3Par arrays
  • D. Add the supported SAN Manager to HPE OneView
  • E. Associate managed SANs with a FC or FCoE network

Answer: DE

Your customer needs to provide an automated, energy-aware environment that will automatically track power usage and document configurations.
Which HPE technology will meet your customer’s needs?

  • A. Smart Storage Battery
  • B. Thermal Discovery Services
  • C. Intelligent Power Discovery
  • D. Intelligent System Tuning

Answer: C

A customer plans to use RESTful API to deploy their rack of DL380 Gen10 system. How does use of this protocol support the customer? (Select two.)

  • A. support multiple scripting languages
  • B. Secure remote scripting
  • C. Ability to run scripts against multiple servers
  • D. Boot via SFTP
  • E. Boot via HTTP

Answer: AB


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