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A customer plans to use HPE ProLiant servers for line-of-business applications. They want to configure the servers to increase reliability.
Which workload profile should the customer use?

  • A. Virtualization – Max Performance
  • B. Transactional Application Processing
  • C. I/O Throughput
  • D. Mission Critical

Answer: D

A customer needs a solution that will maintain data availability in their campus location. They require a multi-node system that can sustain multiple failures, including a full building outage.
Which HPE storage platform meets the customer’s needs?

  • A. Nimble
  • B. StoreVirtual
  • C. StoreEasy
  • D. MSA

Answer: D

A customer needs the devices in their non-secure network to communicate in a secure manner. They are considering implementing Kerberos network authentication in their environment.
Which impact will this have when using iLO 5 with their HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers?

  • A. It will enable two-factor authentication when users log on to iLO.
  • B. It will enhance iLO security by leveraging the key stored in the silicon root of trust.
  • C. It will allow the servers’ iLO to detect compromised firmware code.
  • D. It will enable Zero Sign In to log in to iLO without entering a user name and password.

Answer: D

A customer needs to deploy an application on a newly-installed HPE ProLiant server, but they report that the server is not online. They call you for remote support. The IP address on the production network cannot be reached. You are evaluating the probable root causes of this issue.
According to the troubleshooting methodology, what are next two steps? (Select two)

  • A. Remote console into the ToR switch to check the server's port configuration.
  • B. Log in to iLO to see if the server hardware and NIC are online and configured correctly.
  • C. Use OneView to see f the server firmware is up-to-date
  • D. Run insight Diagnostics on the Server
  • E. Use Microsoft Remote Desktop or VNC to check the server's NIC and IP address configuration

Answer: BD

A customer needs a solution that supports rapid provisioning changes on physical bare-metal servers and on a virtualization hypervisor. They are considering migrating to a new solution that supports software-defined storage.
Which HPE compute platform should the customer implement?

  • A. ProLiant DL
  • B. BladeSystem
  • C. Synergy
  • D. SimpliVity

Answer: C

You are troubleshooting HPE ProLiant servers for a customer. The customer has granted you read-only access to HPE OneView. You need to download the audit log from OneView.
Which permission level should the customer give you?

  • A. Network administrator
  • B. Infrastructure administrator
  • C. Backup administrator
  • D. Server administrator

Answer: D

A customer has a branch office that needs a local file server. The branch office does not have a server rack.
For backup performance, the server must have two processors. Which HPE server should the company install?

  • A. ProLiant ML350 Gen10
  • B. ProLiant ML110 Gen9
  • C. ProLiant BL460c Gen10
  • D. ProLiant DL360 Gen10

Answer: A

A customer needs to increase the availability and bandwidth of network connectivity to their servers. Which switch feature meets the customer’s needs?

  • A. Remote direct memory access over Converged Ethernet (RoCE)
  • B. Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)
  • C. Jumbo frames
  • D. Link Aggregation and Control Protocol (LACP)

Answer: D

A customer needs a video archive repository initially starting at 30TB internal storage. The repository is expected to grow at 20% annually and should have a lifespan of 3 years.
Which HPE ProLiant server solution meets the customer’s requirements?

  • A. HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 with LFF SAS drives
  • B. HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 with LFF SAS drives
  • C. HPE ProLiant ML110 with SFF SAS drives
  • D. HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen9 with SFF SAS drives

Answer: B

You are creating a logical array on an HPE ProLiant server. The customer asks you to use drives with different capacities in a single array.
What should you explain to this customer?

  • A. Using drives with different capacities in a single array increases the chance of disk failure
  • B. The extra capacity of the larger drives will not be utilized
  • C. The process to create the array will fail, and the server will not boot
  • D. The RAID level will be set at RAID 0 automatically

Answer: B

In which layer of the OSI model would you find an IP address?

  • A. Application
  • B. Network
  • C. Physical
  • D. Data link

Answer: B

Which HPE tool can you use to ensure a consistent level of firmware exists across all BladeSystem interconnects and servers in an environment?

  • A. InfoSight
  • B. OneView
  • C. Insight Remote Support
  • D. iLO Federation

Answer: B

A Nimble storage customer is experiencing rapid data growth and needs to scale their storage resources. Which action should the customer take first?

  • A. Access InfoSight for recommendations
  • B. Access the SSMC for upgrade advice
  • C. Access the clustering feature in the CMC to configure active/active clustering
  • D. Access Smart Storage Administrator to configure additional storage resources

Answer: A

A customer needs a storage to run a database in an environment with many virtual machines. You have recommended a HPE MSA 2042 solution, but the customer has reservations about whether the MSA 2042 can deliver the required performance.
Which feature of MSA 2042 will help to improve iOP performance?

  • A. 1 Gb iSCSI connectivity
  • B. thin provisioning
  • C. RAID 6 Advanced Data Guarding (ADG)
  • D. optimal flash acceleration

Answer: D

A customer is planning an upgrade to their network infrastructure. They want to move to an open networking solution, and they want to install a network switch that supports their choice of network operating system.
Which HPE product family will meet the customer’s needs?

  • A. Altoline
  • B. FlexFabric
  • C. Arista
  • D. Aruba

Answer: A

You are installing an HPE ProLiant server in a rack at a customer site. The customer’s facility is in a high-voltage utility service area, and they want to be certain that the power supply is supported.
Which ProLiant feature addresses the customer’s concern?

  • A. ProLiant servers can be configured for 380 – 400V AC in low-line and high-line utility service areas.
  • B. ProLiant servers support 240 V DC power supplies because components in a direct current line are less prone to failure.
  • C. Rack-mountable HPE servers ship with 110 V DC power supplies because direct current is less expensive for a low-line utility service over short distances.
  • D. ProLiant servers include auto-sensing power supplies with a power input range of 100-240 VAC, so they can be used globally.

Answer: D

A customer is considering an HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server for their data center. The customer runs a large Oracle database. They need to increase performance and reduce their licensing costs.
Which feature of HPE Gen10 servers offers these benefits?

  • A. workload profile matching
  • B. agentless management
  • C. jitter smoothing
  • D. core boosting

Answer: D

A customer is planning to purchase new MPE rack-mount servers for their data center. The customer has an exist™ storage environment and wants to minimize required rack space and local storage.
Which HPE server should they install?

  • A. ProLiant DL360 Gen 10
  • B. ProLiant ML350 Gen 10
  • C. ProLiant DL390 Gen 10
  • D. ProLiant BL-460C Gen 10

Answer: A

ou are designing a system for a customer that runs an OLTP application. The customer has SAN based storage. They need to accelerate application performance.
Which HPE ProLiant Gen10 feature set will address this customer’s needs?

  • A. intelligent system tuning
  • B. intelligent provisioning
  • C. CNSA suite
  • D. scalable persistent memory

Answer: A

A customer requires an entry-level, all-flash storage system with predictable performance at the lowest possible price. They have performance-sensitive workloads that require speed and efficiency.
Which HPE storage system meets the customer’s requirements?

  • A. 3PAR 8450
  • B. MSA 2052
  • C. StoreVirtual 4335
  • D. Nimble AF 1000

Answer: A

You are troubleshooting a HPE ProLiant rack-mount server. You notice that all front-panel status LEDs flash simultaneously.
What does this indicate has occurred on the server?

  • A. a power fault
  • B. an overheated system
  • C. an invalid memory configuration
  • D. an iLO-initiated reboot

Answer: A


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