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Universal Containers (UC) has Salesforce integrated with their mainframe system. All the orders placed in Salesforce are sent to the mainframe system in a nightly batch process.
Which two capabilities are required for middleware to support this integration?

  • A. Support for Metadata API
  • B. Extract, transform, and load
  • C. Message queuing
  • D. Synchronous transactions

Answer: BC

In which three ways can production data be moved into a sandbox for testing purpose?

  • A. Refresh a Full Sandbox.
  • B. Use the metadata API.
  • C. Request a Snapshot from Support
  • D. Refresh a Copy Sandbox.
  • E. use the Apex Data Loade

Answer: ADE

Universal Containers (UC) uses several systems as part of their enterprise system landscape, including Salesforce and an ERP system. Salesforce is the master system for CRM data, such as Accounts and Opportunities. The ERP system is the master system for customer orders, shipping, and billing information. As part of their business process flow, when an order is created in the ERP system, it also needs to be created in Salesforce in real time.
Which two options should UC consider to ensure duplicate Orders are not created in Salesforce?

  • A. Use outbound messaging to send a unique message ID to the ERP system.
  • B. Use the upsert() function instead of create() to prevent the creation of unwanted duplicate records.
  • C. Use a middleware tool to handle the responsibility for managing multiple duplicate calls.
  • D. Customize the Apex web service REST call to send a unique message ID to the ERP syste

Answer: BC

Universal Containers has two integrations to Salesforce; System A requires read-only access to all Opportunity data while System B requires read-write access to all Accounts.
Which approach ensures compliance with the principal of least priviledge?

  • A. Utilize a single "Integration User" with the "Modify All data" profile setting enabled so that all integrations always have access to all data.
  • B. Utilize separate credentials and profiles for each integration, one having "view All" to ties and the other having "Modify All" to Accounts.
  • C. Use a single "Integration User" with profile settings restricted to "view All" for opportunity and "Modify All" for Accounts.
  • D. Utilize separate credentials for each system with both credentials having the "modify all data" permission on the profile.

Answer: C

When an opportunity is closed in Salesforce, an order should be created in the back-office SAP system. At the end of the day, Universal Containers allows customers to call back and cancel an order within 24 hours. To cancel an order, the Sales Rep has to set the opportunity status to Open from Closed. The Sales Manager wants all opportunities that changed from Closed to Open to be sent over to the SAP system for order cancellation on nightly basis. Salesforce has a total of 20M opportunities. What is the recommended way to achieve this?

  • A. An ETL job to leverage Bulk API to extract modified opportunities.
  • B. An ETL job to leverage REST API to extract all opportunities.
  • C. An ETL job to leverage SOAP API to extract modified opportunities.
  • D. An ETL job to leverage SOAP API to extract all opportunitie

Answer: C

Universal containers is building an integration from their employee portal to salesforce Chatter.They would like their employee portal to read and write to the Chatter API on behalf of the employee using the portal.
What is the correct way to authenticate to the chatter API to meet this requirement?

  • A. Use oAuth to authorize the portal to access the chatter API on behalf of the user.
  • B. Use oAuth Which will pass their portal credentials to the chatter API.
  • C. Use a chatter API integration user which authenticates to salesforce using oAuth.
  • D. Use a chatter API integration user which authenticatesto Salesforce using Enterprise WSDL login().

Answer: C

Universal Containers (UC) is planning on a production release with a large data volume to be migrated to Salesforce from a back-office system. The incoming data is constantly being updated in the back-office system. UC would like to keep the data synchronized in near real-time in Salesforce. What is the recommended approach to achieve this?

  • A. Use Bulk API for a one-time migration and an Apex web service call-in for an incremental load.
  • B. Use Bulk API for a one-time migration and a SOAP API call-in for an incremental load.
  • C. Use SOAP API for a one-time migration and a REST API call-in for an incremental load.
  • D. Use Bulk API for a one-time migration and a Bulk API call-in for an incremental loa

Answer: A

Universal Containers' Customer Service Managers wants to be automatically notified when a Customer Service Representative successfully closes a case
What is the recommended approach for the Service Manager to be notified in the Salesforce user interface without having to refresh the screen?

  • A. Have the user refresh the standard Visaulforce page to see closed case updates by setting up the refresh interval on the browser.
  • B. Use a standard Visualforce page and embed JavaScript in the standard Visualforce page to refresh the porting of the standard page layout.
  • C. Create a custom Visaulforce page, subscribe to the "closed cases" push topic, and display alerts onscreen.
  • D. Create a custom Visualforce page with a custom polling mechanism to poll for closed cases and display alerts on the Visualforce page.

Answer: C

Universal Containers requires Salesforce to send expense data to an accounting system. Each user has their own username/password credential to access the account system via integration.
What is a recommended option for an integration approach from a security perspective?

  • A. Set up a Named-Principal Named Credential and have the administrator set up the username/password.
  • B. Set up a Per-User Named Credential and have the users each set up their username/password.
  • C. Fire outbound messages to a middleware that stores the credentials instead of an Apex callout.
  • D. Use hierarchical custom settings to store the username/password allowing the Apex callout to read it.

Answer: B

Universal Containers has a requirement for users of a Validation page to be notified of data updates from Salesforce as well as message from other systems in real time.
Which three approaches should be considered when selecting the correct API? Choose 3 answers

  • A. REST API to continuously poll Salesforce for updates to records.
  • B. Generic Streaming API to support notifications coming from other systems.
  • C. Streaming API to support push notifications to users on mobile devices using Salesforce1.
  • D. Utilize ActionPoller to perform an Apex Callout to the external system to retrieve data.
  • E. Streaming API to support real-time data updates by other users within Salesforc

Answer: CDE

What should an integration Architect consider when building a visulaforce page that makes clientside callouts to multiple domains that may violate the browser's same-origin policy?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Setup CORS to whitelist all domains that the client scripts communicate with.
  • B. utilize the canvas SDK to perform the callouts.
  • C. Ensure each javascript resource communicates only with its origin.
  • D. Set up Remote site settings for all domains that the client scripts communicate wit

Answer: AD

Universal Containers (UC) stores inventory of products in one Salesforce org. UC wants regional and local branch offices who have their own Salesforce orgs to see the latest information about the product.
What is the recommended approach to provide data access?

  • A. Use Heroku Connect to provide access to products as external objects from other orgs.
  • B. Use Salesforce Connect with oData to provide access to products as external objects.
  • C. Use Apex HTTP Callouts to call Salesforce Rest APIs and provide access restrictions within the Apex class.
  • D. Use Cross-Org adapter for Salesforce Connect to provide access to products as external object

Answer: D

Universal Containers has a batch integration that runs every five minutes to load Shipment records related to existing orders that have been updated in the previous five minutes. the integration is not reporting any errors, but some Shipment records are not being loaded.
What could be the problem?

  • A. Error reporting is not enabled in Salesforce.
  • B. The integration takes more than five minutes to run.
  • C. The integration is causing UC to exceedits API limits
  • D. The Integration cannot find the parent orders for some Shipment

Answer: B

Which two approaches should an Integration Architect recommend to allow access to on-premise systems by Salesforce?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Place the systems in aDMZ.
  • B. Whitelist Salesforce IPs on the firewall.
  • C. Utilize two-way(mutual) SSL
  • D. Whitelist the corporate IPS in Salesforc

Answer: BC

What are two benefits of named credentials? Choose 2 answers

  • A. They simplify utilizing oAuth for Apex callouts.
  • B. They Secure integrations to Salesforce from other systems.
  • C. They enforce secure communication to external systems
  • D. They securely store credentials in a maintainable wa

Answer: AD

Universal Containers (UC) manages all of their customer information on the Sales Cloud. UC would like to view real-time order information from their ERP system, and also update the ERP system with service information from Salesforce that relates to the orders. UC's ERP system supports OData 4.0. Which two options are recommended to achieve the desired functionality?

  • A. Set up data replication for order and service data syncing.
  • B. Use an Apex callout to look up order information on the ERP system.
  • C. Use Salesforce connect for looking up order information from ERP.
  • D. Use Salesforce connect to write service data into UC's ERP syste

Answer: CD

Universal Containers (UC) has Wave Analytics in their Salesforce org. UC has expertise and access to the Dell boomi ETL tool. UC would like to get all leads and opportunities from the org and data from a few other Marketing tools to a Wave instance for enhanced analysis.
What is the recommended solution to set up the data process?

  • A. Dell boomi for data from Salesforce and data from other sources.
  • B. Wave Data flow for Salesforce data and Dell boomi for data from other sources.
  • C. Export data from all sources into Excel and use Wave connector to import data.
  • D. Use Wave data flow for Salesforce data and data from other source

Answer: B

Universal Container needs to integrate Salesforcewith several home-grown systems. These systems require custom code to be written in order to integrate with them, and the CIO argues that if custom code needs to be written, then there is no reason to invest in middleware
Which three considerations should an Architect bring up to the CIO? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Performance
  • B. Error Handling
  • C. Bulkification
  • D. Orchestration
  • E. Logging

Answer: BDE

What are three capabilities of Salesforce Lightning Connect? Choose 3 answers.

  • A. Write to OData - Compliant data sources without APEX.
  • B. Read from OData - Compliant data sources without APEX.
  • C. Associate external object records to Salesforce Account records.
  • D. Write triggers and workflows on external objects.
  • E. Write SOQL queries on external object.

Answer: BCE

Universal Containers has a custom Visualforce page that makes a callout to an external service to show historical sales data from the warehouse. Due to heavy usage and slow response time of the external web service, Salesforce continues to hit the Apex Concurrent limit. Assuming that external web service response time can't be improved,
what changes can be made to the custom Visaualforce page and Apex Controller to avoid hitting the Apex Concurrent limit?

  • A. Use @future annotation to make the HTTP Callout.
  • B. Replace the standard HTTP Callout with Continuation.
  • C. Invoke a Workflow Outbound message from the Apex trigger.
  • D. Set a timeout on the web service HTTP callou

Answer: B

Universal Containers (UC) wants to start sharing some of the information collected from customers in Salesforce to other systems. UC wants to start sharing some sales data (orders) with a third-party application to help forecast inventory. This is a web application that supports SOAP and REST interfaces to send and receive data.
What is the recommended solution for integrating with this product?

  • A. Create a Submit to Forecast Button on the Order Page to send the data to the Web application via REST.
  • B. Configure an Outbound Message to send a SOAP call via a Workflow rule to the Forecasting application on close.
  • C. Create an APEX trigger that makes the REST callout to the Forecasting application with the data when the deal closes.
  • D. Utilize a third-party ETL tool to synchronize the data from Salesforce to the Forecasting application using the Bulk API.

Answer: A

Universal Containers (UC) has many existing applications, including Salesforce, that their users access. UC would like to integrate these applications with Salesforce so that users can accomplish all of their tasks in one user interface.
What is the recommended solution for integrating these applications into Salesforce?

  • A. Set up the external applications as Connected apps into the Salesforce user interface.
  • B. Use streaming API to integrate these applications into the Salesforce user interface.
  • C. Set up the external applications as Canvas apps into the Salesforce user interface.
  • D. Connect the external applications into the Salesforce user interface using Salesforce Connec

Answer: C

What are two benefits of canvas that an Integration Architect should consider when exposing external systems from within Salesforce?
Choose 2 Answers

  • A. Canvas can provide authorization information via the signed Request.
  • B. The canvas SDK can be used to make an external systems UI look like Salesforce.
  • C. Canvas can send data to an external system asynchronously.
  • D. Canvas endpoint URLs can be dynamically changed via a Lifecycle Handle

Answer: AD


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