Up to the immediate present JN0-102: Pass4sure real rapidshare from 1 to 10

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Q1. What is the binary equivalent of 

A. 11110011 10101000 01011110 01111100 

B. 11110010 10101010 01011110 01111100 

C. 11110010 10101000 01011110 01111100 

D. 11110010 10101000 01010110 01111100 


Q2. What are three examples of dynamic IGPs? (Choose three.) 






Answer: A,C,E 

Q3. Which operational mode command can be used to synchronize the local system time with an NTP server? 

A. set ntp time 

B. set clock ntp 

C. set time 

D. set date ntp 


199. When configuring more than one archival site, which statement is true? 

A. The system will first attempt the transfer using the URL configured last. 

B. The system will transfer the configuration to each archival site. 

C. The system will not transfer to a secondary site unless the previous site fails. 

D. The system will transfer using secure copy protocol (SCP) before attempting FTP. 


Q4. -- Exhibit --firewall { 

filter select-telnet { 

term 1 { 

from { 

source-address {; 

then log; 

term 2 { 

from { 


port telnet; 

then { 



term 3 { 

from { 

source-address {; 


port telnet; 

then { 



-- Exhibit --

A Telnet session is initiated from host 

What will happen when it is processed by the firewall filter shown in the exhibit? 

A. The packet will be accepted and logged. 

B. The packet will be discarded and logged. 

C. The packet will be rejected and a syslog message generated. 

D. The packet will be accepted and sampled. 


Q5. Which two statements are true about firewall filter configurations? (Choose two.) 

A. Multiple action modifiers can be included in the same term. 

B. Only a single action modifier can be included in the same term. 

C. The default term within a firewall filter uses the discard action. 

D. The default term within a firewall filter uses the reject action. 

Answer: A,C 

Q6. You are at the top of the hierarchy and must configure OSPF on interface so-0/0/0 unit 100. Which two achieve this result? (Choose two.) 

A. set protocols 

setospf area 0 set interface so-0/0/0.100 

B. set protocols ospf area 0 interface so-0/0/0.100 

C. edit protocols ospf interface so-0/0/0.100 

D. edit protocols ospf area 0 set interface so-0/0/0.100 

Answer: B,D 

Q7. Which command do you use to show active alarms? 

A. show hardware state 

B. show system alarms 

C. show chassis state 

D. show services alarms 


Q8. Which statement is correct regarding the Junos OS? 

A. The same Junos OS image is used on all Junos devices. 

B. The Junos OS provides separation between the control and forwarding planes. 

C. Each Junos OS image is based on model-specific source code. 

D. The Junos OS creates a secondary instance of the kernel to ensure redundancy. 


Q9. What represents the binary equivalence of 148? 

A. 10010110 

B. 11010010 

C. 10011100 

D. 10010100 


Q10. The IP address belongs to which class of IP address space? 

A. Class A 

B. Class B 

C. Class C 

D. Class D