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developer creates a new web server that uses Node.js. It imports aserver library that uses events and callbacks for handling server functionality.
The server library is imported with require and is made available to the code by a
variable named server. The developer wants to log any issues that the server has while booting up.
Given the code and the information the developer has, which code logs an error at boost with an event?

  • A. Server.catch ((server) => { console.log(‘ERROR’, error);});
  • B. Server.error ((server) => { console.log(‘ERROR’, error);});
  • C. Server.on (‘error’, (error) => { console.log(‘ERROR’, error);});
  • D. Try{server.start();} catch(error) { console.log(‘ERROR’, error);}

Answer: C

Given code below: setTimeout (() => ( console.log(1);
). 0);
New Promise ((resolve, reject )) = > ( setTimeout(() => ( reject(console.log(3));
). 1000);
)).catch(() => ( console.log(4);
What is logged to the console?

  • A. 2 1 4 3 5
  • B. 2 5 13 4
  • C. 1 2 4 3 5
  • D. 1 2 5 3 4

Answer: B

A developer has a web server running with Node.js. The command to start the web server is node server.js.
The web server started having
latency issues. Instead of a one second turnaround for web requests, the developer now sees a five second turnaround.
Which command can the web developer run to see what the module is doing during the latency period?

  • A. NODE_DEBUG=true node server.js
  • B. DEBUG=http, https node server.js
  • C. NODE_DEBUG=http,https node server.js
  • D. DEBUG=true node server.js

Answer: D

Refer to the expression below: Let x = (‘1’ + 2) == (6 * 2);
How should this expression be modified to ensure that evaluates to false?

  • A. Let x = (‘1’ + ‘ 2’) == ( 6 * 2);
  • B. Let x = (‘1’ + 2) == ( 6 * 2);
  • C. Let x = (1 + 2) == ( ‘6’ / 2);
  • D. Let x = (1 + 2 ) == ( 6 / 2);

Answer: B

Refer to code below: console.log(0);
setTimeout(() => ( console.log(1);
console.log(2); setTimeout(() => { console.log(3);
), 0);
In which sequence will the numbers be logged?

  • A. 01234
  • B. 02431
  • C. 02413
  • D. 13024

Answer: C

A developer implements a function that adds a few values.
JavaScript-Developer-I dumps exhibit
Which three options can the developer invoke for this function to get a return value of 10 ? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Sum () (20)
  • B. Sum (5, 5) ()
  • C. sum() (5, 5)
  • D. sum(5)(5)
  • E. sum(10) ()

Answer: CD

Which codestatement below correctly persists an objects in local Storage ?

  • A. const setLocalStorage = (storageKey, jsObject) => { window.localStorage.setItem(storageKey, JSON.stringify(jsObject));}
  • B. const setLocalStorage = ( jsObject) => { window.localStorage.connectObject(jsObject));}
  • C. const setLocalStorage = ( jsObject) => { window.localStorage.setItem(jsObject);}
  • D. const setLocalStorage = (storageKey, jsObject) => { window.localStorage.persist(storageKey, jsObject);}

Answer: A

A developer wants to leverage a module to print a price in pretty format, and has imported a method as shown below:
Import printPrice from‘/path/PricePrettyPrint.js’;
Based on the code, what must be true about the printPrice function of the PricePrettyPrint module for this import to work ?

  • A. printPrice must be be a named export
  • B. printPrice must be an all export
  • C. printPrice must be the default export
  • D. printPrice must be a multi exportc

Answer: C

Refer to the code below:
JavaScript-Developer-I dumps exhibit
Line 05 causes an error.
What are the values of greeting and salutation once code completes?

  • A. Greeting is Hello and salutation is Hello, Hello.
  • B. Greeting is Goodbye and salutation is Hello, Hello.
  • C. Greeting is Goodbye and salutation is I say Hello.
  • D. Greeting is Hello and salutation is I say hello.

Answer: A

Refer to the code below:
Let car1 = new Promise((_ , reject) => setTimeout(reject, 2000, “car 1 crashed in” =>
Let car2 =new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, 1500, “car 2 completed”) Let car3 =new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, 3000, “car 3 completed”) Promise.race(( car1, car2, car3))
.t hen (value => (
Let result = ‘$(value) the race.’;)}
.catch(arr => {
console.log(“Race is cancelled.”, err);
What isthe value of result when Promise.race executes?

  • A. Car 3 completes the race
  • B. Car 2 completed the race.
  • C. Car 1 crashed in the race.
  • D. Race is cancelled.

Answer: B

Given the following code: document.body.addEventListener(‘ click ’, (event) => { if (/* CODE REPLACEMENT HERE */) {
console.log(‘button clicked!’);
Which replacement for the conditional statement on line 02 allows a developer to correctly determine that a button on page is clicked?

  • A. Event.clicked
  • B. e.nodeTarget ==this
  • C. event.target.nodeName == ‘BUTTON’
  • D. button.addEventListener(‘click’)

Answer: C

Teams at Universal Containers(UC) work on multiple JavaScript projects at the same time. UC is thinking about reusability and how each team can benefit from the work of others. Going open-source or public is not an option at this time.
Which option is available to UC with npm?

  • A. Private packages can be scored, and scopes can be associated to a private registries.
  • B. Private registries are not supported by npm, but packages can be installed via URL.
  • C. Private packages are not supported, but they can use another package manager like yarn.
  • D. Private registries are not supported by npm, but packages can be installed via git.

Answer: A

Universal Containers recently launched its new landing page to host a crowd-funding
campaign. The page uses an external library to display some third-party ads. Once the page is fully loaded, it creates more than 50 new HTML items placed randomly inside the DOM, like the one in the code below:
JavaScript-Developer-I dumps exhibit
All the elements includes the same ad-library-item class, They are hidden by default, and they are randomly displayed while the user navigates through the page.

  • A. Use the DOM inspector to prevent the load event to be fired.
  • B. Use the browser to execute a script that removes all the element containing the class ad-library-item.
  • C. Use the DOM inspector to remove all the elements containing the class ad-library-item.
  • D. Use the browser console to execute a script that prevents the load event to be fired.

Answer: B

Refer to the code below:
JavaScript-Developer-I dumps exhibit
What value can a developer expect when referencing o.js.secondCity?

  • A. Undefined
  • B. ‘ new york ’
  • C. ‘ New York ’
  • D. An error

Answer: B

A developer is wondering whether to use, Promise.then or Promise.catch, especially when a Promise throws an error?
Which two promises are rejected? Which 2 are correct?

  • A. Promise.reject(‘cool error here’).then(error => console.error(error));
  • B. Promise.reject(‘cool error here’).catch(error => console.error(error));
  • C. New Promise((resolve, reject) => (throw ‘cool error here’}).catch(error => console.error(error)) ;
  • D. New Promise(() => (throw ‘cool error here’}).then(null, error => console.error(error)));

Answer: BC

In which situation should a developer include a try .. catch block around their function call ?

  • A. The function has an error that shouldnot be silenced.
  • B. The function results in an out of memory issue.
  • C. The function might raise a runtime error that needs to be handled.
  • D. The function contains scheduled code.

Answer: C

Given the code below:
JavaScript-Developer-I dumps exhibit
What is logged to the console?

  • A. 1 2 3
  • B. 1 3 2
  • C. 2 1 3
  • D. 2 3 1

Answer: D

Given HTML below:
JavaScript-Developer-I dumps exhibit
Which statement adds the priority = account CSS class to the universal COntainers row ?

  • A. Document.querySelector(‘#row-uc’).classes.push(‘priority-account’);
  • B. Document .queryElementById(‘row-uc’).addclass(‘priority-account’);
  • C. Document .querySelector(‘#row-uc’).classList.add(‘priority-account’);
  • D. Document .querySelectorALL(‘#row-uc’).classList.add(‘priority-account’);

Answer: B


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