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A branch of a company recently switched to a new ISP. The network engineer was given a new IP range to assign. The ISP assigned, and the branch gateway router now has the following configurations on the interface that peers to the ISP:
N10-008 dumps exhibit
The network engineer observes that all users have lost Internet connectivity. Which of the following describes the issue?

  • A. The incorrect subnet mask was configured
  • B. The incorrect gateway was configured
  • C. The incorrect IPaddress was configured
  • D. The incorrect interface was configured

Answer: A

A user tries to ping from the command prompt on the network but gets the following response: U.U.U.U. Which of the following needs to be configured for these networks to reach each other?

  • A. Network address translation
  • B. Default gateway
  • C. Loopback
  • D. Routing protocol

Answer: B

A user recently made changes to a PC that caused it to be unable to access websites by both FQDN and IP Local resources, such as the file server remain accessible. Which of the following settings did the user MOST likely misconfigure?

  • A. Static IP
  • B. Default gateway
  • C. DNS entries
  • D. Local host file

Answer: B

A technician is troubleshooting a workstation's network connectivity and wants to confirm which switchport corresponds to the wall jack the PC is using Which of the following concepts would BEST help the technician?

  • A. Consistent labeling
  • B. Change management
  • C. Standard work instructions
  • D. Inventory management
  • E. Network baseline

Answer: A

A network administrator is designing a new datacenter in a different region that will need to communicate to the old datacenter with a secure connection. Which of the following access methods would provide the BEST security for this new datacenter?

  • A. Virtual network computing
  • B. Secure Socket Shell
  • C. In-band connection
  • D. Site-to-site VPN

Answer: D

Which of the following technologies provides a failover mechanism for the default gateway?

  • A. FHRP
  • B. LACP
  • C. OSPF
  • D. STP

Answer: A

A networkengineer is investigating reports of poor network performance. Upon reviewing a device configuration, the engineer finds that duplex settings are mismatched on both ends. Which of the following would be the MOST likely result of this finding?

  • A. IncreasedCRC errors
  • B. Increased giants and runts
  • C. Increased switching loops
  • D. Increased device temperature

Answer: A

A small, family-run business uses a single SOHO router to provide Internet and WiFi to its employees At the start of a new week, employees come in and find their usual WiFi network is no longer available, and there is a new wireless network to which they cannot connect. Given that information, which of the following should have been done to avoid this situation'

  • A. The device firmware should have been kept current.
  • B. Unsecure protocols should have been disabled.
  • C. Parental controls should have been enabled
  • D. The default credentials should have been changed

Answer: A

A technician wants to deploy a new wireless network that comprises 30 WAPs installed throughout a
three-story office building. All the APs will broadcast the sameSSID for client access. Which of the following BEST describes this deployment?

  • A. Extended service set
  • B. Basic service set
  • C. Unified service set
  • D. Independent basic service set

Answer: A

A lab environment hosts Internet-facing web servers and other experimental machines, which technicians use for various tasks A technician installs software on one of the web servers to allow communication to the company's file server, but it is unable to connect to it Other machines in the building are able to retrieve files from the file server. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason the web server cannot retrieve the files, and what should be done to resolve the problem?

  • A. The lab environment's IDS is blocking the network traffic 1 he technician can whitelist the new application in the IDS
  • B. The lab environment is located in the DM2, and traffic to the LAN zone is denied by defaul
  • C. The technician can move the computer to another zone or request an exception from theadministrator.
  • D. The lab environment has lost connectivity to the company router, and the switch needs to be rebooted.The technician can get the key to the wiring closet and manually restart the switch
  • E. The lab environment is currently set up with hubs instead of switches, and the requests are getting bounced back The technician can submit a request for upgraded equipment tomanagement.

Answer: B

A network engineer is investigating reports of poor network performance. Upon reviewing a report, the engineer finds that jitter at the office is greater than 10ms on the only WANconnection available. Which of the following would be MOST affected by this statistic?

  • A. A VoIP sales call with a customer
  • B. An in-office video call with a coworker
  • C. Routing table from the ISP
  • D. Firewall CPU processing time

Answer: A

A company wants to implement a large number of WAPs throughout its building and allow users to be able to move around the building without dropping their connections Which of the following pieces of equipment would be able to handle this requirement?

  • A. A VPN concentrator
  • B. A load balancer
  • C. A wireless controller
  • D. A RADIUS server

Answer: A

A network administrator wants to improve the security of the management console on the company's switches and ensure configuration changes made can be correlated to the administrator who conformed them Which of the following should the network administrator implement?

  • A. Port security
  • B. Local authentication
  • C. TACACS+
  • D. Access control list

Answer: C

Atechnician is installing a high-density wireless network and wants to use an available frequency that supports the maximum number of channels to reduce interference. Which of the following standard 802.11 frequency ranges should the technician look for while reviewing WAP specifications?

  • A. 2.4GHz
  • B. 5GHz
  • C. 6GHz
  • D. 900MHz

Answer: B

An ITdirector is setting up new disaster and HA policies for a company. Limited downtime is critical to operations. To meet corporate requirements, the director set up two different datacenters across the country that will stay current on data and applications.In the event of an outage, the company can immediately switch from one datacenter to another. Which of the following does this BEST describe?

  • A. A warm site
  • B. Data mirroring
  • C. Multipathing
  • D. Load balancing
  • E. A hot site

Answer: E

An organization wants to implement a method of centrally managing logins to network services. Which of the following protocols should the organization use to allow for authentication, authorization and auditing?

  • A. MS-CHAP
  • C. LDAPS
  • D. RSTP

Answer: A

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) wants to improve the availability of a company's SQL database Which of the following technologies should be utilized to achieve maximum availability?

  • A. Clustering
  • B. Port aggregation
  • C. NIC teaming
  • D. Snapshots

Answer: C


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