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Which two in an integration Procedure or DataRaptorcan execute a function like CONCAT or DATEDIFF? Choose 2 answers

  • A. In a Set Values Action in a Value field.
  • B. In a DataRaptor in an Output Tab Output JSON Path.
  • C. In a DataRaptor Action in an Input Parameters value field.
  • D. In a Remote Action m an Additional Output value field.

Answer: AD

Refer to the exhibit below.
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
What is the marge code needed for this integration procedure structure to pass a CaseNumber node from the DRReadCase DataRaptor Extract Action to the HTTP Action’s HTTP URL?

  • A. %DRReadCase: CaseNumber%
  • B. ((DRRCase,CaseNumber))
  • C. MTTOPDetCaseDetail: CaseNumber%
  • D. ((CaseNumber))

Answer: A

An integration procedure contains a Remote Action element that calls a method of an APEX class. The method requires two fields are input: Accountid and ProductId. The integration Procedure data JSONcontains the following nodes:
How should the Remote Action element be configured to pass the data correctly to the method?

  • A. Check the Send Only Additional Input checkbox, and the following/ value pairs to Additional input:OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
  • B. Set Return Only AdditionalOutput to true, and add the following Key/Value pairs to additional input.OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
  • C. Check the DataRaptor Transform checkbox, and add the following Key/Value pairs to Output JSON Path:OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
  • D. Add the following to Send JSON Path: accountId: %Accountd% ProductId%Details Products%

Answer: B

A developer is configuring a DataRaptor Load to Save contract data. The developer needs to set the record type of the contact using DeveloperName.
Which two configuration actions should the developer take to set this up in the DataRaptor Load?

  • A. Check is Lookup property when mapping the fields.
  • B. Add Link to RecordType object in the Contact Object with the id field of RecordType object.
  • C. Select RecordType in theLookup object lis
  • D. Development in the lookup Field list, and ID in the Lookup Requested Field list.
  • E. Select RecordType in the Lookup Object lis
  • F. ID in the Lookup Field list, and Development in the Lookup requested Field list.

Answer: AC

A developer needs to display the following information together on one FlexCard:
* Account name, address, phone number, website
* Primary contact first name, contact name, address, phone number,email
The account information must always be visible, and the contact information should only be visible as needed by the user.
What approach should the developer use to display the contact information on the card?

  • A. Use a Datatable element
  • B. Set the class’’ collapsible’’ on the block element
  • C. Set the collapsible property on the block element
  • D. Use a conditional FlexCard State

Answer: C

A developer creates a Flexcard that displays a contact’s mailing address and passes the contact’s postal code to a child FlexCard.
When configuration textelements in the child FlexCard, what syntax should a developer use to refer to the contact’s postal code?

  • A. {Postalcode}
  • B. {Parent.postalcode}
  • C. {Records.postalcode}
  • D. {Params.postalcode}

Answer: D

A developer is creating an OmniScript that provisions trail orgs to their customers. The following text block in the Omniscript uses a merge code to display the ID for the new trail org:
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit

  • A. To %sDetails: Customer|0: ID$
  • B. To %Details: Customer|1: ID%
  • C. To %%sDetails: Customer|0: ID%%
  • D. To %Details: Customer|n: ID%

Answer: B

A developer examines data received from an external data source. The data is nested two levels down in the JSON structure.
Which OmniStudio tool could the developer use to simplify this data?

  • A. A guided workflow
  • B. ADataRaptor Transform
  • C. An HTTP Action Element
  • D. An integration Procedure

Answer: B

A healthcare company wants to enable its subscribers to add, edit, or delete dependents related to theirpolicy Community portal. The developer on the project decides to use an MniScript.
How should the developer configure the OmniScript to provide this functionality?

  • A. Use an Edit Block element configured with Remote Actions.
  • B. Use an Edit Block element configured with SOQL statements.
  • C. Use an Input Block element and a DataRaptor Post Action element.
  • D. Use a Text Block element and a Remote Action element.

Answer: A

A developer creates a DataRaptor Extract to retrieve data to pass to anexternal service. The external service expects the field value to be integer. However, the DataRaptor is sending it as a string.
Which action can the developer take to fix this?

  • A. In the DataRaptor Output tab, select the Output Data Type of that field toInteger.
  • B. In the DataRaptor Output tab, enter the default value as 0 on the field.
  • C. In the DataRaptor Extract tab, set the Input Data Type field to Integer.
  • D. In the DataRaptor Formula tab, define a formula using the function TOINTEGER and use theformula as output.

Answer: A

Refer to the following row-versioned calculation matrix.
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
The developer needs to delete the row that contains the Code CA-SF. If the developer deletes that row in Version 3, what is the result?

  • A. The row is delete only in Version 3.
  • B. The row is deleted In Versions 2 and 3 but will remain in Version1.
  • C. The row is deleted in Version 3 and Version 1.
  • D. The row is deleted in all versions

Answer: A

A developer creates an OmniScript to update billing information. After analyzing the different types of customer interactions that occur at the company, the developer determines updating billing information should be included in the majority of customer interactions, which are represented by more than 20 different FlexCards.
What is the most efficient way for the developer to configure the action that invokes the OmniScript?

  • A. As an OS Action
  • B. As a Custom Action
  • C. As an OmniStudio Action
  • D. As a Lightning Action

Answer: C

A developer is troubleshooting an Integration Procedure with two elements: A Remote Action named FetchCart and a Response Action namedResponseCart.
In Preview, what JSON node shows the data sent to the Response Action?

  • A. FetchCart
  • B. Response
  • C. ResponseCartDebug
  • D. ResponseCart

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit below.
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
What is the reason that the fields fail to displaythe fetched data?

  • A. Lookup Mode is selected in the properties of the Type Ahead Block.
  • B. FirstName, LastName, and BirthDate are not placed inside the Type Ahead Block.
  • C. The typeHead key is not in the correct format.
  • D. Use Data JSON is Not selected inthe properties of the Type Ahead Block.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit below. In this integration production structure, what Send JSON Path would be used to send the Output of theAction1 element to a Remote Action?
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit

  • A. Action1. Block
  • B. Block A
  • C. Action1: Block
  • D. Block A
  • E. BlockA: Block
  • F. Action 1
  • G. BlockB: Block
  • H. Action1

Answer: B


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