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Q271. The person assigned by the performing organization to be responsible for achieving the project objectives is the: 

A. functional manager 

B. program manager 

C. project manager 

D. portfolio manager 


Q272. Activity cost estimates and the project schedule are inputs to which Project Cost Management process? 

A. Estimate Costs 

B. Control Costs 

C. Plan Cost Management 

D. Determine Budget 


Q273. In a weak matrix, the project managers role is: 

A. part-time 

B. full-time 

C. occasional 

D. unlimited 


Q274. The cost baseline and project funding requirements are outputs of which process in Project Cost Management? 

A. Estimate Costs 

B. Control Costs 

C. Plan Cost Management 

D. Determine Budget 


Q275. What process determines which risks might affect the project? 

A. Qualitative risk analysis 

B. Identify Risks 

C. Plan Risk Management 

D. Quantitative risk analysis 


Q276. A procurement management plan is a subsidiary of which other type of plan? 

A. Resource plan 

B. Project management plan 

C. Cost control plan 

D. Expected monetary value plan 


Q277. Cost baseline is an output of which of the following processes? 

A. Control Costs 

B. Determine Budget 

C. Estimate Costs 

D. Estimate Activity Resources 


Q278. Which is an output from Distribute Information? 

A. Earned value analysis 

B. Trend analysis 

C. Project records 

D. Performance reviews 


Q279. An output of the Create WBS process is: 

A. Scope baseline. 

B. Project scope statement. 

C. Organizational process assets. 

D. Requirements traceability matrix. 


Q280. A project has a current cost performance index (CPI) of 1.25. To date, US$10,000 have been spent on performing the project work. What is the earned value of the work completed to date? 

A. US$S000 

B. US$9500 

C. US$10,000 

D. US$12,500