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Q91. A project team installs 2,500 light fixtures in a new office building, and each light fixture takes one hour to install. The project manager can predict that it will take 2,500 hours to complete the work. However, which of the following statements most accurately describes this parametric estimate assumption?

A. As workers complete the installation, efficiency will increase and durations will decrease.

B. As workers complete the installation, errors and risks will increase the actual completion.

C. As workers complete the installation, effort will diminish and efficiency will decrease.

D. As workers complete the installation, labor will diminish so duration will increase.

Answer: A

Q92. You work as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. You have to identify the specific actions to be performed to produce the project deliverables. For this, you have to explain the three inputs for the define activities process to your project team. Which of the following is NOT a valid input?

A. Work Breakdown Structure

B. Enterprise Environmental Factors

C. Scope baseline

D. Organizational Process Assets

Answer: A

Q93. You work as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. Which of the following plans will you use to define how resources are brought onto the project team, how they are managed while on the project team, and how they may be released from the project team?

A. Project Schedule Management Plan

B. Project Staffing Management Plan

C. Project Human Resources Management Plan

D. Project Communications Management Plan

Answer: B

Q94. Kelly is the project manager of her organization. She is reviewing the project network diagram to confirm that the resource she has identified is available to complete the project assignments without conflicting with other activities in the project node. The availability of resources will help Kelly determine the final finish date for the project. What scheduling technique is Kelly using?

A. Critical Chain method

B. Resource utilization

C. Critical Path method

D. Resource leveling heuristics

Answer: A

Q95. You are the project manager of the NHQ project. Your project has a budget of $1,258,456 and is scheduled to last for three years. Your project is currently forty percent complete though it should be forty-five percent complete. In order to reach this point of the project, you have spent $525,000. Management needs a performance report regarding the NHQ project. What is the planned value for this project?

A. $566,305

B. $1,258,456

C. -$54,044

D. $503, 382

Answer: A

Q96. Holly is the project manager of the NDS project and she is 85 percent complete with her project though she should be 95 percent complete. Her project has a BAC of $9,850,400 and she has spent $8,011,221 to date. What is Holly's schedule performance index for this project?

A. 1.07

B. 0.98

C. 0.89

D. Ten percent

Answer: C

Q97. You are the project manager for the NQQ Project for your organization. You and the project team are creating the activity list for the NQQ Project. You have instructed the project team members that they should include an activity identifier and a scope of work description for each activity in the activity list. Why is this information needed?

A. To track the work to the project requirements

B. To maintain profit and loss statements for the project

C. To help the project team understand what work is required to be completed

D. To communicate the work to be completed to the project stakeholders

Answer: C

Q98. You work as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. Management has asked you not to communicate performance unless the CPI is less than 0.96 or the SPI dips below 0.98. What type of report would you create for management, if these instances develop in your project?

A. Cost variance report

B. Exceptions report

C. Performance management report

D. Schedule variance report

Answer: B

Q99. Virginia is the project manager for her company. She has used a previous project as a basis for her current project because they are similar in nature. Virginia has adapted nearly all of the previous project plans for her current project - including the project schedule, risk register, and communications management plan. She has worked with management to update the plans to adapt them to the current project. What are the previous project management plans called in this instance?

A. Expert judgment

B. Analogous estimate

C. Templates

D. Parametric estimate

Answer: C

Q100. You work as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. You want to increase the overall duration of the project. If the management elects to use resource leveling, then what will happen to the project duration?

A. The duration will increase, but the labor will stay the same.

B. The duration will decrease as new team members are brought onto the project.

C. Nothing, new resources will be incorporated into the project team.

D. The duration will increase, but the labor will decrease.

Answer: A