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Q141. Penetration testing involves three steps. At which step should an approve penetration test stop? 

A. War Driving 

B. Network reconnaissance 

C. Network Penetration 

D. System Control 

E. Denial of system services 

F. Network scanning 


Q142. A boot sector virus goes to work when what event takes place? 

A. Reboot or system startup 

B. File is deleted 

C. File is saved 

D. March 16th 


Q143. A password audit consists of checking for ____________? 

A. Minimum password length 

B. Password aging 

C. Password Strength 

D. Blank Passwords 

E. All of the items listed 



Name two types of Intrusion Detection Systems ________ and ________. 

A. host based, network based

Answer: A

Q145. Which of the following organizations can be a valid Certificate Authority (CA)? 

A. Verisign 

B. Microsoft 

C. Netscape 

D. Dell 

E. All of the entities listed could be valid Certificate Authorities 


Q146. What reference model describes computer communication services and protocols in a layered approach? 

A. IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force 

B. ISO - International Standards Organization 

C. IANA - Internet Assigned Numbers Authority 

D. OSI - Open System Interconnection 


Q147. Which major vendor adopted TACACS into its product line as a form of AAA architecture? 

A. Microsoft 

B. Dell 

C. Sun 

D. Cisco 

E. All of the above 


Q148. When gathering digital evidence it is very important to do the following: (Choose all that apply) 

A. Shut down the compromised system to avoid further attacks 

B. Reboot the victim system offline 

C. Document the chain of evidence by taking good notes 

D. Perform a bit-level back up of the data before analysis 

Answer: CD 

Q149. The IDEA algorithm (used in PGP) is _______ bits long. 

A. 56 

B. 158 

C. 128 

D. 168 


Q150. A virus is considered to be "in the ______ " if it has been reported as replicating and causing harm to computers. 

A. Zoo 

B. Wild 

C. Cage 

D. Jungle 

E. Fire