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A company needs to recover a domain controller from a backup file they have on premises which was created by the Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows. Which of the following would provide the fastest access to the domain controller?

  • A. Use the Veeam Explorer for Active Directory to recover the domain controller
  • B. Perform an Instant VM Recovery to recover the domain controller to a VM on their VMware host
  • C. Perform a bare metal recovery of their domain controller back to the original system
  • D. Recover the domain controller to an AWS EC2 instance using the restore to Amazon EC2

Answer: B

A company has replicated their critical application VMs to a second data center in another region. Their key application includes two database VMs and three application VMs. For proper operation, the database VMs need to start before the application VMs. What needs to be configured in Veeam to prepare for a disaster recovery situation?

  • A. Use a failover plan
  • B. Use a planned failover
  • C. Use Instant VM Recovery
  • D. Use on-click failover

Answer: C

The backup administrator configured replication for a VM from Data Center 1 to Data Center 2, which runs every day at 1 a.m. A power surge takes out Data Center 1 at 7 a.m. and the administrator fails over the replica at 8 a.m. When the power comes back on, the administrator performs the ??failback?? action at 2 p.m. and checks the state of the original VM. They recognize that not all data is available. What is missing?

  • A. Data from 1 a.
  • B. to 7 a.
  • C. Data from 1 a.
  • D. to 2 p.
  • E. Data from 8 a.
  • F. to 2 p.m.
  • G. Data from 7 a.
  • H. to 8 a.m.

Answer: B

A customer has a physical proxy configured for Direct Storage Access without failover to network mode. The backup fails. What could be the issue?

  • A. The disks being processed are IDE and/or SATA
  • B. The datastores are properly zoned and exposed to the proxy server but in read-only mode
  • C. The storage is not added into the storage infrastructure, inside the backup and replication console
  • D. Write access has not been enabled on the SAN
  • E. One or more of the VM disk(s) are on Wols

Answer: D

When configuring a SureBackup job, what are some of the criteria for adding servers to an application group? (Choose two.)

  • A. VMs cannot be encrypted
  • B. VM backups must reside on the same repository
  • C. VMs cannot be added to an application group twice
  • D. VMs must be running the same OS version
  • E. VMs must have at least one valid restore point

Answer: CE

A financial company is looking for a new backup application. One of their main requirements is the ability to have quick access to their backup data. What features in Veeam Backup & Replication support the rapid availability of data, applications and VMs? (Choose three.)

  • A. Full VM recovery without quick rollback
  • B. Microsoft SQL database, and Oracle database publishing
  • C. Instant VM Recovery
  • D. Instant VM disk recovery
  • E. Bare metal recovery
  • F. Restore to Amazon EC2

Answer: ABF

Which storage optimization option uses a block size of 512 KB?

  • A. LAN target
  • B. WAN target
  • C. Local target (large blocks)
  • D. Local target

Answer: A

Select the correct description of a synthetic full backup.

  • A. A synthetic full backup will generate a new VBK file by getting data from the hypervisor
  • B. A synthetic full backup combines a VIB file with one or more VBK files from a repository to generate a new VBK file
  • C. A synthetic full backup combines a VBK file with one or more VIB files from a repository to generate a new VBK file
  • D. A synthetic full backup will update the existing VBK with data from the hypervisor and generate a new VRB file

Answer: A

A NAS backup job has been configured within Veeam Backup & Replication, and is completing successfully, but restore operations have been failing for the last few days. What is causing the failure?

  • A. The backup repository is sealed
  • B. The server was added by using an IQN alias which is unable to be resolved
  • C. The credentials added to the share are not allowed read-write access to the share, directories or files
  • D. The cache repository assigned for this file share is unavailable for restore operations

Answer: C

What are the three Veeam Backup & Replication technologies required to verify recoverability of the backup? (Choose three.)

  • A. Virtual lab
  • B. Application group
  • C. Backup proxy
  • D. SureBackup job
  • E. Gateway Server
  • F. Replication job

Answer: ADF

A company needs to maintain and verify backups at a secondary site to meet the following requirements: RTO of two hours, RPO of 12 hours, four weeks retention. Which of the following backup copy job configurations meets these requirements?

  • A. Periodic backup copy job, scheduled for a two-hour interval, with 56 restore points to retain
  • B. Periodic backup copy job, scheduled for a 12-hour interval, with 56 restore points to retain
  • C. Periodic backup copy job, scheduled for a two-hour interval, with 112 restore points to retain
  • D. Periodic backup copy job, scheduled for a 12-hour interval, with 112 restore points to retain

Answer: C

You fail back a VM replica to the original location. Which of the following requirements needs to be met to be able perform quick rollback during a failback of a replica?

  • A. Perform failback to VM within the same subnet
  • B. The VM replica must be created with the ??Use Changed Block Tracking data?? option enabled
  • C. Indexing must be enabled for the original VM
  • D. The VM replica must have access to the repository where the full backup of the VM resides

Answer: B

A company has separate networks for management traffic and data traffic. All Veeam components are communicating over the management network. How would they define the data network for backup data transfers?

  • A. Re-add all Veeam components involved in data transfer through the required interfaces
  • B. Update routing tables on the components involved in data transfer
  • C. Create a global network traffic rule, set appropriate source and target IP range
  • D. Use the preferred network settings to switch to data network for the backup traffic

Answer: C

A backup administrator is planning to install Veeam ONE. Which data collection mode collects the most data per VM?

  • A. For vCenter data only
  • B. Optimized for advanced scalability deployment
  • C. For backup data only
  • D. Optimized for typical deployment

Answer: B

If you need to run a script to stop a service in order to get an application-consistent backup on a Windows server, where can the script be run?

  • A. In the guest processing setting of the job, enable application-aware processing and add a pre-freeze script to the VM
  • B. Configure the script to run on the Veeam Backup & Replication server using the Windows Task Scheduler
  • C. Copy the script to the VM and schedule the script to run prior to the start of the backup job using the Windows Task Scheduler in the VM
  • D. In the virtual machines setting of the job, add a script in the scripts tab under ??Run the following script before the job:??

Answer: C

Which of the following is a backup mode that can be configured within a Veeam Agent for Windows backup job?

  • A. Reverse incremental with periodic active full backups
  • B. Forward incremental and reverse incremental, both with optional periodic synthetic and/or active full backups
  • C. Forward incremental with optional periodic synthetic and/or active full backups
  • D. Reverse incremental with optional periodic synthetic full backups

Answer: D

When planning to back up files and folders from shared sources, that is the correct method to connect to the file share from the Veeam backup server?

  • A. Add the file share into the store infrastructure
  • B. Add the file share into the physical infrastructure
  • C. Add the file share into the inventory
  • D. Add the file share into the managed servers

Answer: D

A backup administrator needs to restore two data drives to a VM where the operating system remains intact. The target machine must remain powered on. What recovery option is most appropriate to perform this operation?

  • A. Instant VM Recovery
  • B. Instant disk recovery
  • C. Restore entire VM
  • D. Restore VM files

Answer: A

Your company is using Veeam ONE to monitor VM performance in real time. An end user has called to complain about the performance of a VM and has asked you to investigate the cause of the issue. Where in Veeam ONE do you go to view real time VM metrics?

  • A. In the monitor client under the infrastructure view
  • B. In the reporter portal in the workspace tab, VM performance
  • C. In the monitor client under the data protection view
  • D. In the reporter portal in the dashboards tab, VM performance dashboard

Answer: C


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