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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

Question No: 2

Which three mode are valid PfR monitoring modes of operation? (choose three.

A. passive mode (based on Cisco IP SLA probes)

B. route monitor mode (based on BGP route changes)

C. RMON mode (based on RMONv 1 and RMONv2 datA.

D. active mode (based on Cisco IP SLA probes)

E. passive mode (based on NetFlow datA.

F. fast mode (based on Cisco IP SLA probes)

Answer: D,E,F

Question No: 3

Which two statements about IPsec VTIs are true? (Choose two)

A. Dynamic VTIs allow you to mix proxy types.

B. The dynamic VTI is a multipoint interface that can support multiple IPsec SAs.

C. The IKE SA can be bound to both the VTI and the crypto map in the router.

D. Static VTIs can use the "IP any any" traffic selector only.

E. The IPsec transform set must be configured in transport mode.

F. Static VTIs can encapsulate both IPv4 and IPv6 packets, but IPv4 can carry IPv4 packets and IPv6 can carry IPv6 packets.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 4

Which information is contained in an OSPF Type 7 Not-So-Stubby Area NSSA External LSA?

A. The paths and costs to all OSPF NSSA areas that are external to the current area.

B. The path and costs to reach other stub area border routers in the OSPF routing domain.

C. The address of routers that connect the current area to other areas and the cost to reach those routers.

D. External network address,mask,and cost to reach each network that is external to the OSPF domain and only within the NSSA

E. The external network address,mask,and cost to reach networks that are external to the OSPF NSSA,including the default route.

Answer: D

Question No: 5

Refer to the exhibit. Which routes are advertised by the router?

A. BGP routes sourced on this router

B. AII routes

C. BGP routes from AS 65006

D. BGP routes from AS 65006 and BGP routes sourced on this router

E. No routes

Answer: D

Question No: 6

Which IS-IS metric style is most suitable for MPLS traffic engineering?

A. narrow

B. wide

C. transition

D. flat

Answer: A

Question No: 7

Refer to the exhibit.

Which three statements about the R1 configuration are true? (choose three.

A. The virtual circuit identifier is 4006 and the virtual circuit is down.

B. This circuit is using MPLS VC type 4.

C. The local label for the circuit is 1611.

D. The virtual circuit identifier is 1611 and the virtual circuit is down.

E. The targeted LDP session to the remote peer is up.

F. The local label for the circuit is 4006.

Answer: D,E,F

Question No: 8

According to the networking best practices .which network device should be used for optimization and rate limiting?

A. the provider core device

B. the provider edge device

C. the customer core device

D. the coustomer edge device

Answer: D

Question No: 9

Which command can you enter to configure a Cisco router running OSPF to propagate the static default route within the OSPF process?

A. default-information originate

B. redistribute static subnets

C. redistribute static metric 1 subnets

D. redistribute static

Answer: B

Question No: 10

You are implementing new addressing with EIGRP routing and must secondary address. Which are from the routing tablE.Which action is the most efficient solution to the problem?

A. Disable split-horizon inside the EIGRP process on the router with the secondary addresses

B. Use a different routing protocol and redistribute the routes between EIGRP and the new protocol.

C. Disable split-horizon on the interface with secondary address.

D. Add additional router interface and move the secondary addresses to the new interface.

Answer: C

Question No: 11

Which command can you enter on a device so that unsolicited log messages appear on the console after solicited log messages?

A. logging bufferd 4096

B. no logging console

C. logging synchronous

D. service timestamps log uptime

Answer: C

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